Thursday, May 31, 2007

this is me...

i know i should be doing work but i was thinking how do my jumps look like, perhaps this is the closest it can get... been watching loads of jumping videos and they've been kindda inspiring...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

wrecked hamstring

today's long jump performance was decent at least, but triple was totally gone, i think i wrecked my hamstring during the entire training sessions building up to the season. gotta see the physio soon, but its 50 pounds for an hour. anyway, i guess i'm not training during this whole competition season, but its kind of ironic that performace gets better through competition rather than training. ranked 4th, but i'm happy cuz today seems to be one of the best competitions i have ever had.

1st: 7.51m
2nd: 7.05m
3rd: 6.75m
me: 6.62m

i was 2nd during my last attempt before this guy took a giant leap and massacred us with his 7.5m jump and this young lad edged me out with his new pb. but 6.62 with a wrecked hamstring and a bad landing, i'm quite pleased. a few cm away from my personal best, but i guess it'll be shattered soon, 3 more major meets to soar past 7... it isn't that far away...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Defining Idol

Koolhaas, Pritzker Prize Winner 2000 (the equivalent of the nobel prize for architecture). It pretty much explains why there was a long queue outside the school yesterday.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

schedule = busy?

busy hols? i have no idea...

here's a breakdown of my time..

10 jul - 18 jul: spore
19 jul - 24 jul: hk
25 jul - 24 aug: spore
25 aug - 2 sep: shanghai (tentative)
3 sep - 21 sep: spore
22 sep - 25 sep: doha
26 sep: london

oh well, i'm not so sure if i wanna slack or pack my time likedat... thinking of having an internship and going for the shanghai summer school... i guess it would be really fun... but then again, i'm prolly gonna zou huo ru mo... archi seems sooooo lovable but i hope it doesn't engluf my life... maybe i should just slack for 2mths...

anwway, i have a really nice new house with a garden, a mini glass house balcony, a great kitchen, parking lots and a bbq pit... muahahaha... come over and we can party...

well, check these artistes out, they're quite good...

emily loizeau - je sui jalouse (i'm jealous)
whimsical song with fantastic animations by this 20 year old guy... (

imogen heap - just for now
acapella by a single person

critical review

okie... it's review time... as some of you might know, i was back training again since last winter and the competition season is here... some competitions are important and some are not, but there're a total of 9 of them in and out of london, i guess it's kindda interesting and fun to travel around to compete in grand prix locations... however, the level of competition isn't really that high here, especially for field events, it's probably like an advance level of a div standards... review of first two competition performances...


that's really bad. think it's partly due to my hamstring strain, but i shouldn't use this as an excuse too... and i can probably be the most consistant jumper...

comp 1: 6.21, 6.23, 6.27, 6.26, 6.27, 6.29 (this is the most consitent competition results that i have ever had)
comp 2: 6.34

what lousy distances, perhaps this is only the beginning of the season, i certainly hope i'll improve but anyway, i have 4 more years to build up... i'll see a 7 one day... anyway, my lousy distances gave me a 2nd and 4th position respectively... though the positions do matter for my club in getting points but personally, the distance was quite a let down... it seems that my distance is the same with 12 strides or 16 strides...

on a happier note, my triple jump was miraculously a fluke, 13m (though its a sucky distance by national sch standards, but it's just 0.22m away from my personal best) haha, and i only had one training session for it, gosh... and i came in second... which further proves the low level of competion in division one... seriously, with 13m for triple, i may not even get into top 8 for nationals in spore and with 6.3 i'm just scrapping through in top 8...

i can only pray and hope for better results in the next few competitions... next up: petersbrough and kent...